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                         {Hello, My name is Michelle}

I picked up calligraphy as a new hobby not too long ago. The minute I started and began sharing my work with my family and friends they weren’t afraid to tell me how it was. For some reason, they liked it. A few even told me I could do something with it. Through word of mouth, I got my first customer and then I realized my work was something I could do more with, than just a hobby.

A little bit about me …

I am sure your wondering about my name. Mia has nothing do with Michelle and it’s actually a funny story. I went to a convention and my name tag said ‘Mia Dalpathado’. I knew I was the only one with that last name so that name tag had to be mine. I have no idea where they got Mia from but it stuck. Meanwhile ‘stand tall’ was just a way to remind myself to be brave, to always stand by who I am, what I believe in and never let anyone tell me otherwise!

Born and raised in the outskirts of LA, I went to college in the wonderful San Fernando Valley. I majored in Cinema and Television Arts, with the pure interests of just enjoying film but learned way more than I can imagine. But just like everything else in my life, that is only a part of who I am. I enjoy so much that if I were to only focus on one thing, I would miss the other. I was always told that there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish. So here I am starting a new chapter in a many parts, just a few series, book of my life!

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