Our East Coast Beach Day

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Must Do!!

1. Spend a day at any beach on the cape. No further explanation!!

2. Visit a Cranberry farm. This was a last minute find and decision. I heard so much about the cranberry bogs and I hadn’t seen one so when I looked it up to see where they are, I found a farm that did tours; so I signed us both up right away and we arrived at the cutest little farm where John made friends with the animals.

3. Drive up the cape to P-Town. It was so cool to see all the little towns and the history behind each of them. Of course John and I learned very quickly that not everything is open like here in LA. Some places are closed for the season; the only bummer!

4. Check out the salt marsh in Province-Town. Once we reached the top of the cape we weren’t sure what we were going to do but we came across this jetty aka breakaway and it was probably my favorite part of the whole trip. The Atlantic Ocean was on one side and the marsh on the other. There were even warning signs for sharks! After we started our trek towards the lighthouse, some folks walking back warned us about the tide rising since it was later in the day and the jetty disappearing so we ran back. Next time for sure we plan on heading their early and walking all the way to the lighthouse!

5. Spend a couple nights in Boston. We only planned on being in the city for a day and it made for such a long day that we wished we stayed overnight! We left early in the morning to avoid morning rush hour and to make it to our Sam Adams beer tasting tour and ended up getting there 5 minutes past. After a few beers we were both in a good mood and had the whole day to kill until the 7pm Red Sox game. By the time we finished up we were so exhausted and still had to drive back to the cape. So plan for more than one night if your heading to the city!!

6. Walk the Freedom Trail. It was cool to see all the history and a very easy walk. We stopped at historic bars and tried some foodie things, but I wouldn’t recommend paying to see anything! You pretty much get the just of it from just walking and reading about it along the way!

7. Watch a Red Sox Game. It was crazy to experience a completely different atmosphere! We were probably to only ones in sweaters and scarfs for the cold. But def so much fun and worth the tickets we splurged on!

8. Take the Ferry to Martha’s Vineyard and eat lobster. This was a last minute decision and it was so worth it! I wanted to eat seafood before I left and John suggested we check out the island since we stared at it all week from our place. And we found the best little seafood boil shack! We order 2 whole lobsters, a lb. bag of clams and mussels and it was all only $60. It was so good and we can’t eat seafood anywhere else!

9. Sign up for the Sam Adams Morning Mash-In Brewery Tour. This was so much fun and if you sign up for the earliest tour, they include a free tasting!

10. Check out Plymouth Plantation. My parents did a summer history tour a year before we went and my dad said we had to check this place out. Of course I enjoyed it so much becasue it was so overcast and it was so cool to see the history.

Hope this is all useful!!


Stand tall,




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