Celebrating 28 Years

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There is nothing special or significant about turning 28 today except that I have so much to celebrate at this time in my life. I’m in a place now where I can just live because for once I don’t have a plan. Whatever happens now happens and its the best feeling in the world. So I am celebrating that! But also thinking back about everything that it took to get me to this point.



Here are 10 things I would tell my younger self …

final number 1 Sunscreen – Where it now and everyday even during rainy days. There’s no going back but if you knew this early on, there are so many scars we could have avoided!

final number 2Acne – you don’t have it bad right now and if you continue what your doing (birth control, food. i.e) you will make things worse!

final number 3Birth Control – Let’s really do some research and think this through before we commit to 5 years!

final number 4There is no rush in growing up – Enjoy right now!

final number 5Stress – Don’t stress over things you can’t control! You will save yourself from a lot of built up tension and the biggest of them all you can’t help what people think or say of you so no stress!

final number 6Friends wont stay forever – Majority of your friendships will end; good and bad. And its sad but they each did their part in your life. Some you may never get the chance for closure and there are some that you will resent but you were meant to meet each of them and the bad ones; they know what they did!

final number 7Quality over quantity – But you will have friends. A small group; actually 1 or 2 but you would never expect who and you will surprise yourself with the new friends you will make as you get older!

final number 8 standtallmiaLove – There was nothing wrong with you, he was meant to come later in your life. Your wait was worth it!

final number 9College – It’s ok to change your mind. Actually, you will change your mind again and be really proud of where you end up.  Dad will even be impressed and support your endeavors!

final number 10Self-love – That pink little animal becomes the basis of your life and you will find yourself relating more to the animal as you grow up. Your awkwardness, humor and creativity will be your defining qualities, even if know one knows you for it. You even build your business around it!


stand tall,

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