Business Card Upcycle

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Hello! I learned the biggest lesson as a business owner and that’s how much business cards to order! My first order ever I ordered way too many and now I have too many old business cards with old info that I just cant throw away. But in case you did the same mistake as me, I spent a lot of time thinking and searching Pinterest to come up with a way to recycle my old ones and this is by far the only way that worked for me!

I absolutely loved how they turned out and can now use them!

All you need is your old business cards and these ‘wrap around’ labels from Zazzle. I am not getting paid by Zazzle to promote these but this is what a found that worked for me. They have designs that you can use or create your own! I do encourage you wait until they have a sale so that you can order enough for all of your business cards at half the price!!

Old Business cards

zazzle wrap around labels

2018-03-31 17.52.39-1

2018-03-31 17.51.37

2018-03-31 17.53.02

2018-03-31 17.51.56


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